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iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress

iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress
Premium Memory Foam Mattress made in the U.S.A.

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· 101 Days Risk-Free Trial

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4.90 / 5.0
  • Twin$900.00
  • Twin XL$925.00
  • CalKing$1,450.00
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101 Days Free Return - iKrema memory foam mattress in a box
Risk Free Trial
101 Days of trials with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Easy carrry - iKrema memory foam mattress in a box
Revolution of Mattress
99% of sleeper Satisfaction. Order Free and just right Rebound Speed. Transition Air Flow means it stays consistent in feel through nights.
Free shipping - iKrema memory foam mattress in a box
Free Delivery
Innovative compression technology allow mattress to ship in a box 19"x19"x42" size. Easy maneuver. Easy installation.
Quality Guarantee- iKrema memory foam mattress in a box
Mattress is 100% designed and manufactured in USA with highest craftsmanship.


Ready to sleep into sweeter dreams? ikrema memory foam mattress comes with 10 years warranty and 101 days free trials.

Cooling Comfort
Cool Memory Tex Foam with bounceness and active air circuation
Support your body
Memory Tex Foam to equally distribute your weight for support
Long Lasting support
High Density Foam gives the weaker areas of your body an extra support
Premium fabric
Made with a breathable premium fabric. Allergy Free. Designed in Belgium and made in USA.
Transition memory foam allows consistent temperature and just right amount of rebound speed will re-support during reposition throughout the night.
Fire retardant
Non-toxic fire retardant cover to prevent from catching fire


Open Cell

Our new open cell momory-tex technology foam keeps the mattress cool, fresh, and dry. open cell memory-tex has tiny air bubbles in its core allowing heat to escape. even with pressure applied to the foam, air and heat is able to flow through the memory foam mattress.

ThermaGel Memory foam

ThermaGel rapidly adapts to individual needs to support and cushion the body.

ThermaGel combines highly conductive, open-cell visco with the high heat capacity and conductivity of gel to produce 7times greater than that of conventional visco foams, a very powerful thermo regulator

Integration of gel into viscoelastic foam results in a widening of the glass transition temperature range of conventional memory foam. This allows ThermaGelTM to provide greater pressure relief and comfort across a wide range of temperatures.


Why buy a mattress on ikrema. Eliminating retail markups and commissions, ikrema provide a premium foam mattress to customer directly.

SuperPedic MaxComfortPedic VS Traditional Retail
$350 $550 Manufacturing $350
$100 $100 Customer Service $100
$250 $300 Operations/Marketing $500
$75 $150 Fair Profit $350
- - Wholesale Mark Up $275
- - Retail Mark Up $775
- - Sales Commission $250
$50 $100 Contributing back to communities -
$825 $1200 Queen Comparison $2600


Skip the 5 minutes try-out at the mattress store.
Try the iKrema mattres in your home for 101 days.
If you dont love it, we'll pick it up for FREE and give you FULL REFUND

101 Days Free Return - iKrema memory foam mattress in a box
free shipping - iKrema memory foam mattress in a box


Shipping is free in the United States, excluding Alaska, and Hawaii. We ship everything via UPS or FEDEX so you can expect iKrema mattress to arrive in 2-7 business days.

If you want to return your mattress just contact us. We will PICK IT UP FOR FREE and ISSUE YOUR FULL REFUND.



Austin, TX
iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress

I had sleep number mattress was so bad to me. I could only stay in bed a couple of hours, then I would wake up in pain. When I got ikrema max comfort, I was so excited. I slept 6 hours the first night before I woke up and I did not feel pain. This mattress is the best one I have ever slept on, I love it.


Charlotte, NC
iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress

We are very happy with ikrema max - we initially thought there would be no way a king mattress would fit in the box it was shipped in. We were wrong! It is everything it's advertised to be - great blend of materials and a very nice cover.


San Antonio, TX
iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress

Amazing!!! I love ikrema max mattress. Best sleep EVER!!!


New York, NY
iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress

Great overall experience! The mattress, the delivery, the unboxing and finally, sleeping. The price is not reasonable it is cheaper than its quailty. The mattress itself was exactly as advertised. A soft feel, just the right amount of sink and slightly firm for perfect support.


Wooden floor or Any hard surface
Slatted Base
Box Spring
Adjustable Bed

Get your best sleep ever with this ultra-comfortable iKrema ComfortPedic 11-inch Memory Foam Mattress for your queen size bed. iKrema ComfortPedic Series incorporates the highest quality Three-layer memory foam with breathable HD Foam. The second layer of the memory foam integrated the patented technology that gives a memory foam a latex's buoyant and springy feel and Memory Foam's plushness, so the layer can enhance the 'feel' of both. This special feature allows everyone to have the maximum comfort for each and every night.

Cotton Cover enhances surface layer plushness and provides wicking and cooling and a unique waterfall edge design
Memory Foam Layer for comfort - the perfect sink that minimizes movement from one sleeper to the next Memory-Tex Foam Layer - this patented memory foam layer has latex's a buoyant, distinctively springy feel
Breathable High Density (HD) Base Foam has an open cell structure for optimal breathability and stability

2 inches of Thermagel Memory foam 4 pounds + 2 Memory-Tex 3 pounds 7-inch HD Foam

Top: Matelasse 'Victoria Elas' 14-percent viscose, 3-percent elastae, 83-percent polyester with 'iK logo'
Border: Inspiration Brown border

Mattress Top: Specialty
Recommended Foundation Type: Platform, Box Spring, Bed Slats, Adjustable, Any floors
Density: 4 Pound
Product Features: Bed in a Box, Hypoallergenic
Delivery Method: Fedex Ground
Thickness: 11 Inch
Mattress Type: Memory Foam

Resistant to dust mites, naturally antimicrobial
Temperature-smart memory foam responds to body heat and movement, reshaping to distribute body weight and relieve pressure points to improve circulation
Never needs turning

Memory Foam Tips:

Arrives tightly packed in portable box for customer convenience.
You can sleep on it the same night it is unwrapped, however allow 48 hours to fully return to its original shape.
Vacuum sealing sometimes traps odors. After unwrapping, air for a few hours to eliminate trapped odors.
Due to machine-cutting manufacturing processes, there may be slight variances in the dimensions of this product.