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About Us

 iKrema was founded in 2011, pursuant to the challenges of the CEO’s body not getting relaxed sleeping on traditional spring mattress and on an old mattress. Equally, he discovered his arms fall asleep when he woke up. Thus, he began a research with a friend of his who works in mattress industry to come up with their own branded mattress which spanned more than a year.

Meanwhile, the design however took its form from the looks of ice cream bar that the CEO likes so much which finally gave birth to the best memory foam mattress which perfectly works with the CEO and now the burning interest to share this great innovation with everyone.

We worked with designers and mattress engineers to develop the one – iKrema Memory Foam mattress in a box that is not only affordable but will rejuvenate energy in the morning with 101 days trial time and 10 years warranty. Of course, we pragmatically take it upon ourselves to directly supply to you.

Our professional approach to our products and exceptional client relationships are the reason we have grown in this industry and continue to do so. Our dedication to research and development, sound safety procedures and an understanding of practical standards are all factors that have allowed us to provide the best quality products to our clients.

Above all, we have successfully been delivering our products and services to meet our clients' requisites with perfection. As a one-stop-shop for your memory foam mattresses; we are unequivocally poised to deploy technology and innovation in creating a mattress solution center of global repute that brings personalized comfort for the perfect sleep.


Our Vision

To be a leader across California and USA in the mattress industry by providing enhanced product, service, relationship and profitability.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be your go-to source for today’s memory foam mattress in a box as we have set out to inspire a community that share a passion to get the perfect sleep.

… memory foam mattress in a box!

Our Values

This inadvertently affects how we choose to treat our chains of clientele. These values therefore define who we are and how we do our jobs. Thus, our values are:

  • ·Excellence

  • ·Integrity

  • ·Innovation

  • ·Quality

  • ·Reliability


At iKrema, we work tenaciously to create a real value for our clients. Our business focus strategy therefore is but a reflection of our values and course of action.

Strategically speaking, our flexible approach and wide experience help to achieve a clear understanding of such business scenarios and deal “changing Business Requirements” in the most efficient way. Hence, our strength as in the following:

  • iKrema mattress is made with finest components and materials that are more than 25% better than leading companies such as Casper, Tuft and Needle, Tempur-Pedic, etc.

  • iKrema mattress is handcrafted in USA and made with the best craftsmanship in the world.

  • With patented "MemoryTex" technology, iKrema mattress provides optimal sleep surface support with perfect comfort level for everyone, so it invariably helps you sleep better and wake up next morning well rested.

  • The state-of-the-art open-cell structures of iKrema mattress memory foam enables to dissipate heat from your body and makes you easy fall asleep faster and easier.

  • With combined optimal sleep surface created by patented memory foams used with Tencel infused fabric; iKrema Mattress has the best layers of sleep system that helps you have more REM Sleep every night.

  • Foams are made with “CertiPUR-US” certified materials – which are not only safe but equally environmentally friendly.

… memory foam mattress in a box!


iKrema unequivocally offers a one-stop-shop for our clients by providing all memory foam mattresses specifications which are basically in three classical categories: iKrema Eco - (Comfort Level: Firm), iKrema Superior - (Comfort Level: Medium) and iKrema Max Comfort - (Comfort Level: Soft Top and Medium Support) which can be sourced based on available sizes as herein follows:

  • Twin Size Mattress: 39" x 74" x 10" or 11"

  • Twin Extra Long Size Mattress: 39" x 80" x 10" or 11"

  • Full Size Mattress: 54" x 74" x 10" or 11"

  • Queen Size Mattress: 60" x 80" x 10" or 11"

  • King Size Mattress: 76" x 80" x 10" or 11"

  • California King Size Mattress: 72" x 84" x 10" or 11"

In particular, as regards these sizes, we are proud to say, “A better night’s sleep for everybody guaranteed”.


iKrema boasts of seasoned professional and highly trained personnel in the industry.