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iKrema SuperPedic Mattress Write Review
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


Affordable!!! and Good quality When I have used this mattress, I could feel different than my old mattress. I do not wake up until morning, and I Enjoy sleeping on the mattress.

SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


The mattress is perfect balance between firm and soft. I absolutely love this mattress. I have never slept in a more comfortable bed.

Pamela Hone
(Huntsvile ,AL)
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


I really like ikrema mattress. Fast shipping and great customer services. I am 165lb, and side sleeper. The mattress is very comfortable. not too firm and not too soft.

SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


We purchased this mattress to replace my old spring mattress. I am very satisfied with ikrema mattress not too firm and not too soft. I love my mattress

Charles Redick
(San Diego,CA)
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


been sleep two months I sleep better every night. This mattress is great. unboxing was fun!!!

SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


Much better than my old mattress. Ikrema is fantastic mattress what i find

Emily Fox
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


After much research online, we could find good deals with ikrema. I have used the bed 5 months. I am not regret purchasing ikrema bed. I sleep with my wife, but I feel I sleep alone.

Kirk stein
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


I have been having problems with my old mattress because I have backache. I changed several mattresses, but ikrema makes us the great sleep. We Enjoy sleeping without pain

Gordon Lewis
SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress


A wonderful mattress at a reasonable price, with fast shipping, and good free trial. my wife said little bit hard, but It was perfect mattress for ma.